5 Spring Time Pet Safety Tips

May 12, 2019

It’s here! After a long harsh winter, spring has finally sprung, and at Creature Comforts in Durango, Colorado we couldn’t be happier. With the changing of the season, our thoughts are turning to spring cleaning and outdoor revelry. But, before you get out to enjoy the warmer days be sure to take inventory of potential springtime hazards for your furry friends.

Save the Trees

The spring thaw has finally started and with the melting snow exposing more and more ground it’s also exposing sticks. But, if your dog loves to chew and chase a stick is the last thing you want to throw him. Sticks pose a real choking hazard as well as opening up your pup to severe mouth and throat injuries. Check out this article from Daily Mail to read more on the hazards of sticks.

Plant Paranoia

A lot of dogs love to eat grass, but with all the new plants springing forth this season if your pup likes to chew on plants you better brush up on your toxic plant knowledge. Not all plants are created equal, and a lot of native greens can cause vomiting, diarrhea or even death.  

Clean Green

With spring cleaning on your to-do list now is the time to inspect your household cleaning supplies. If they don’t say ‘Pet Friendly’ on the label, make sure they are stored in an area your pet can’t access. Be sure to use pet-friendly cleaners in areas your pet frequents. If your pet does happen to ingest cleaning products the Chicago Veterinary Medical Association suggests that you should not call a human poison control center; they do not have any information on pets. Instead, contact your veterinarian and/or the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center Hotline (888-426-4435) for accurate information.

Got Allergies?

Just like humans, your pet can be susceptible to seasonal allergies. As humans we tend to develop sniffles and watery eyes, your pet however will most likely present with skin irritations.  According to Dr. Stephanie Janeszko D.V.M. if your pet has allergies you’ll find that generally, they are pretty itchy, which may include, outright scratching as well as licking or chewing their paws and rubbing their face and ears on the couch or carpet. If you notice that your pet is extra itchy it may be time to seek a vet appointment. Dr. Janeszko warns that skin inflammation can lead to secondary problems, such as superficial bacterial infections, hot spots, repeat ear infections, and sometimes even anal-gland infections.

Exercise Right

To avoid exercise-related injuries Embrace Pet Insurance recommends that you work your way into an exercise plan for you and your dog gradually. If the winter months saw a decline if your physical activity you and your dog will both need to rebuild muscle tone and cardiovascular health before engaging in strenuous outdoor activities.


The bright beautiful days of spring are upon us. As you begin to get out to enjoy that sunshine we at Creature Comforts want to remind you that doggie dangers and cat-astrophes can happen anywhere and at any time. But, fear not, we have all the tools and pet supplies you need to have a safe and healthy spring with your furry friends. From chew toys to vitamins, leashes and water bottles we have you covered for springs great adventures because your pet is our passion!